Devialet is a high-end French audio company, their two main products include the Expert Pro amplifier and the Phantom bluetooth speaker. Devialet USA and Drexel Product Design have agreed to conduct a 10 week collaborative project to help their US sales team create solutions to inform American consumers on how to integrate the Phantom speaker into a modern lifestyle. My team's focus was on the Phantom's packaging.



Current packaging problems

Devialet Phantom's current package does not communicate the company's goal of "constant innovation" and cutting edge engineering, instead the imagery is unrelated and confuses the consumer. Although the current unboxing experience is pleasant, re-packaging the Phantom back into the box had many issues and was unintuitive.


Final Package presentation.jpg

After focused user research into the audiophile community and different individuals who have expressed interested in the Phantom, we created a persona of Devialet's ideal customer.


Design parameters

  • Communicate Devialet's values of innovation and technology
  • Add value to the Phantom with a premium package and experience
  • Provide customers a way to:
    • Transport the Phantom short distances
    • Display the Phantom

Design Statement

We propose to design a new premium package for the Phantom which will clearly communicate the values of innovation and technology, by also implementing new ways for the customer to transport and display the Phantom.



We began by looking at Devialet's retail stores to find ways to help connect the product with the user and increase their brand consistency. At the same time, we examined the packaging of other brands to see how they presented their products.




We sketched out ideas for new packaging imagery and forms. Our research also revealed that the American consumer often holds onto packaging for electronic products, because either they will reuse it or simply because its a nice box. We noticed this as a missed opportunity and decided to capitalize on it.




This first iteration focused on the the packaging becoming a stand itself, however it was too bulky and provided no affordances to turn the box on it's side as a stand.

This second design beautifully presents the Phantom in a slimmer manner and provides the user with new ways to lift the box. This new presentation also allowed the user to easily access and re-pack the Phantom for transportation. However this design was lacking the option for a display stand.



Our final design combined transportation and display elements, while also communicating Devialet's goals and product through it's graphics. Materials for the sleeve where chosen to match the Phantom for not only aesthetic purposes, but also for structural integrity.



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